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Technology Unwired

“Technology Unwired” is an Educational Initiative aimed at enhancing the knowledge by accelerating access to un-compromised technology for every engineer. Success in the knowledge economy requires an education focused on building 21st century skills as well as technology innovation. As a driving force behind the wireless transformation that is sweeping the country, Brovis is uniquely positioned to act as a liaison between the industry and students in order to fulfill their ambition in getting the right job and at the same time provide the industry the much needed talents for the growth.

The Initiative extends learning opportunities beyond the classroom, using a practical, project centered approach. The program helps young engineers develop knowledge and skills in Wireless Technology and get prepared for a enterprising career in a Technologycentric Industry.

The course aims to provide participants with an understanding on Fundamentals of Wireless Communications,BWA,Wi-Fi and Wi-MAX technologies; with a brief presentation of upcoming technologies like UMTS and LTE; Installation of accesspoints in all available modes both for hotspot and Backhaul connectivity.

  • Hands on knowledge about Wireless Technology
  • A Practical approach on Wireless implementations
  • Initial Installation at the Lab facility
  • Telephonic support
  • Certification in wireless communications engineering technology

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