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BroVis Advanced Access Manager plus-CCC : BAAM plus-CCC

Enterprise Class Unified Access Point Controller and Gateway System

BAAM plus-CCC seamlessly combines advanced Access Point (AP) Management and Subscriber Management in a single appliance to simplify deployment and operation of modern Enterprise Networks.

BAAM plus-CCC serves as a Command Control Centre with unified Device (AP) Manager and Subscriber (User) Manager for mid-size to large deployments requiring detailed device management and user management with high level of scalability and flexibility over a period of time. BAAM plus-CCC offers the full range of Centralized Network Monitoring, Auto Discovery, AP Profile Management, Fault Management, Group Configuration, Firmware Up gradation, Multi-level Authentication, Email/SMS Notification and many often customizable capabilities to maximize the effectiveness and minimize the cost of managing large wireless networks. The same platform can be used for Subscriber Management - Advanced Security, Bandwidth Management, Profile Management, User Log Management and Customized Reporting.

  • Unified Platform provides device management and user management
  • Customizable features based on BlueZen SMART Technology.
  • Available in cost-effective server or appliance versions
  • Access Points can work independently or in conjunction with the centralized manager
  • End-to-End WLAN solution that integrates easily into existing infrastructure
  • Most simplified device manager cum gateway for entry level as well as high end deployments
  • Innovative BET (BroVis Encrypted Tunnel) Technology to facilitate secure communication between Access Points and Controller
  • High performance device with multiple giga-bit interfaces
  • VoIP, QoS and Bandwidth Management to prevent network contention issues
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