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Enterprise Resource Planning

Demand for wireless access to enterprise local area networks (LANs) is fueled by the growth of mobile computing devices, such as laptops and personal digital assistants (PDAs), and a desire by users for continual connections to the network without being restricted to "plug in areas," which do not move with their work. BroVisí dedication to providing end-user connectivity anytime and anywhere drives our wireless product enhancements as well as our commitment to providing a secure and reliable wireless networking enterprise infrastructure.

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is going places these days. It has become an integral part of almost all business. Wireless ERP is nothing but sharing enterprise information through devices like internet and other devices making it possible for outsiders to access the same. Advancement of Wireless Technology in ERP has given a double advantage to the companies which are using ERP for a long time.

As Wireless technology has its reach beyond any geographic location and also its communication and data transfer process is much faster. So it has become the eye candy of every organization.

  • A fully managed service that helps you conserve IT resources
  • Easy to deploy Wi-Fi solution, completely independent of the existing corporate network
  • Secure and helps you keep your network PCI compliant
  • Improves the customer experience and keeps employees connected
  • Wi-Fi solution can be re-located and its capacity can be increased based on changing enterprise requirements
  • Control on the number of simultaneous visitors/guests that are allowed on the enterprise network
  • The internal wireless network can also be logically partitioned using VLANs (or with SSIDs) to provide separate network bandwidth partitions