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Campus Wi-Fi - F.L.A.M.E.S - Pune

Foundation for Liberal And Management Education - Pune, INDIA.

About the Institution

FLAME - Foundation for Liberal And Management Education was founded in 2004, by a group of individuals having a desire to give something back to the society. FLAME, spread on 110 acres of green expanse, comprises of a School of Liberal Education offering undergraduate programs in a host of subjects from the Creative Arts,Humanities,Social Sciences,Natural Sciences and applied areas; a School of Business offering a PGDM (Management), a School of Communication offering PGDM (Mass Media) and a Center for Organizational Growth and Excellence offering Management Development Programs for the Industry

F.L.A.M.E Wi-Fi Requirement

The proposed Wi-Fi network should provide:

  • Secure environment
  • Seamless roaming between APs
  • Centralized Management of APs
  • Centralized Authentication & Bandwidth Management
  • Campus Wi-Fi Management
  • Support for all existing student Wi-Fi cards (b/g) and PDAs
  • Power over Ethernet based solutions

FLAME opted to provide 24x7 Wi-Fi Internet access to approximately 1500 student users, spread across its hostel locations within the lush green campus.

Brovis' WDS Solution

Flame campus typically encompass a wide geography and building scattered in different locations. In some cases, it is physically difficult to extend the backbone into an area or location where coverage is desired.

BroVis Wireless Networks deployed its ODU for backhaul bandwidth distribution across the campus. The access network was provided by high performance; PoE supported AS500 coupled with AC100SP models

  • F.L.A.M.E campus was fully Wi-Fi enabled powered by Brovis' TrueEXOR
  • Extended range capabilities reduced the number of Access Points required to provide necessary Wi-Fi coverage when compared to similar solution provided by competitors
  • Seamless Wi-Fi connectivity provides wireless broadband to 1500 users in F.L.A.M.E campus

Why BroVisí solution for F.L.A.M.E?

  • Rich Wi-Fi coverage for seamless broadband access across the campus area
  • Price performance advantages
  • Cost effectiveness and Rapid deployment
  • Scalable solution

Success for F.L.A.M.E

  • FLAME campus is Wi-Fi enabled providing its students the much needed gateway for knowledge acquisition