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Customer: Hiranandani - Powai, Thane and Chennai

Hiranandani pioneers the concept of integrated townships in India. Hiranandani strives to create self sufficient communities out of pockets of land and provides its customers the highest lifestyle standards.

Hiranandani’s activities branch out to real estate development, construction, facility management, infrastructure development, hospitals, schools, retail, hospitality and entertainment. Hiranandani employs over 900 engineers and technical staff. It also employs over 1,000 personnel in its hospitals, retail outlets, hotels, schools and multiplexes.

“Multiple PMP links interconnecting site offices of Hiranandani !”

Hiranandani's needs

    Hiranandani's primary need is to establish PTP/PMP links between its site offices to run its ERP applications
  • As the site offices are located in remote areas, it rules out any wired solution
  • As the ERP system is the only mode of communication in the remote location, the uptime of the link has to be maintained at 99.9%

The above picture shows typical deployment scenario

BroVis makes it possible

  • AirStation 1000 and AirClient 100 series were deployed for PTP/PMP links
  • A Few longhaul links (18~20KM) were also deployed
  • Several remote site offices are now networked and effective SCM has been enabled through BroVis' WDS

Why is this unique?

  • Multiple links cover various Hiranandani properties like Estate, Meadows, Gardens and Upscale. This is very special for BroVis as multiple Wireless ISP who operate in these regions also run on BroVis on the 2.4GHz band.