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Hospitality WiFi

Many International, National & Regional Hotels and Resort chains are providing Wi-Fi high speed internet access as a standard amenity for guests. Some offer paid services while others offer it free of cost. While most of them offer access in guest rooms as well as public areas like lobbies, meeting rooms, restaurants, lounges, etc., some offer the access in the public areas only.

The Wi-Fi hotspot industry is growing very rapidly. More than 90% of today's notebook computers are Wi-Fi enabled and PDAs, iPhones and cell phones are swiftly reaching into this market. In the recent past the trend has shifted towards providing video and voice services to the guest along with high speed internet access through WiFi.

Brovis Wireless Networks’ products are the most preferred and trusted wireless systems for most renowned WISP partners in the hospitality segment.

Adding wireless high-speed internet access in your business gives you the potential to:

  • Generate an additional source of revenue for your business
  • Offer your guests a value-added amenity that today’s travelers wish for
  • Gain a competitive advantage over your competitors
  • Attract and retain new customers!
  • Hotspots drive revenue by making a stay at your hotel even more valuable!