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Enterprise Segment - INZI Controls

Customer: INZI Controls
Location: Chennai, India

“Industrial IT network that runs completely on Wi-Fi !”

INZI Controls, a Korean based automotive auxiliary unit, was founded in the year 1978. It was called as KongHwa steel during the early days. Over the 30 years INZI Controls has gained expertise in manufacturing various automotive components like sensors, cooling systems, engineering plastics and engine management system.

INZI Controls’ established its Indian manufacturing plant in Chennai (Detroit of Asia), and expanded its operations in the recent past.

INZI Controls Wireless Requirement

Inzi Controls decided to go for Wireless Access mainly to avoid cables which becomes costly & complex to trouble shoot. Their requirements were as below

  • Wireless Connectivity in the Office and Plant area to cater its networking needs (both intranet and internet)
  • Low Operation and Maintenance Costs
  • Seamless Coverage
  • Secure Environment
  • Internet & Intranet Mobility
  • Flexibility in Monitoring, Data acquisition & Control of Plant Functionalities

Challenges in INZI Controls

INZI Controls campus is divided into two zones - Office zone and Plant zone. Providing WiFi Coverage to plant was challenging because of the terrain conditions. This being a manufactruing site providing extended roaming support for the plant machinery applications was always a challenge to overcome. Converge in Office area holds the key because of more number of users and to support different management’s applications. Seamless access in this area is essential for their critical information access.

Results & Benefits

The complete IT infrastructure was deployed on wireless backbone unlike the traditional wired infrastructure. The setup was powered by BroVis’ unique AC100SP with TrueEXOR extended range capabilities. The entire network was implemented at a fraction of the cost of a wired equivalent network.

In addition the network provided the following benefits to INZI Controls

  • Low maintenance costs because of less usage of cables.
  • Excellent Coverage for key applications and services.
  • Improved security for confidential data and applications.
  • Mobile working environment for employees in the office.
  • Better flexibility, administration and reduced costs by converging applications of different departments.