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Madras Pharma

Customer: Madras Pharma, Chennai

About Madras Pharma

  • One of the leading pharmaceutical formulation manufacturers in India
  • Started manufacturing activity in 1979 with the aim to manufacture and market quality pharmaceutical formulations at affordable prices
  • Situated at about 15 KM from Chennai city
  • Turnover of $35 million for the year ended March 2005
“Hassle free, instantaneous and cost-effective long distance Point to Point Link (PTP) 12 KM wireless connectivity !”

Madras Pharma's needs

  • Madras Pharma's primary need is to establish a Point-to-Point (PTP) link between its H.O. in Chennai (T.Nagar) and its factory located at Karapakkam, on the city's outskirts
  • Secondly, Madras Pharma wants a Point-to-Multipoint bridging within its factory to connect different buildings
  • This wireless link when established would enable Madras Pharma to run their ERP applications

BroVis makes it possible

  • A pair of AirStation 1000 and semi-parabolic antenna was all that Madras Pharma needed to establish the Point-to-Point link
  • Wire Free Point-to-Point Link in 2.4GHz (de-licensed) band with no leased line charges and low maintenance played to the advantage of Madras Pharma
  • The Point-to-Multipoint needs were addressed by three outdoor access points

Why is this unique?

  • The link is significant considering the fact that one end of the link is in Chennai city. City locations are prone to interferance, and LoS related issues. Despite these odds, the link was etablished. With a minimal one-time investment, Madras Pharma is now able to link their H.O. with the factory, for which any other wired/wireless solution would have cost them heavily.