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Wireless VDO Surveillance - Port of Chennai Story

Customer: Port of Chennai
Location: Chennai, India

The Challenge

Chennai Port, the third oldest port among the 12 major ports, is an emerging hub port in the East Coast of India. This gateway port for all cargo has completed 126 years of glorious service to the nationís maritime trade.

Port of Chennai has four container terminals besides having terminals to handle ores and oils. Port is known for increased men & materials movement and hence VDO surveillance plays a major role in surveillance. The landscape is vast in this case and posts the following challenges:

  • Distance between the Central Monitoring Room and the Surveillance site are on an average 4-5Km
  • Heavy vehicle movements are high and added water logging during monsoon period eliminates any wired solution
  • The site has many wireless links on the 2.4Ghz free band making the spectrum crowded
  • Clear LOS not possible because of the buildings and other moving machinery parts within the Port

Customer Needs

Port of Chennai wants to implement video surveillance to monitor sensitive areas through wireless overcoming the above posted challenges. Total of 6 locations has to monitor which means 6 wireless links has to be established connecting the Central Monitoring Room to the remote sites.

All the wireless links has to deliver a minimum of 2Mbps for streaming the VDO content as per the Camera/DVR specifications.


BroVisí wireless systems were deployed in both PP and PMP architecture connecting all 6 remote locations.

The remote location has the analog camera installed in specific locations where surveillance activity was of priority. Analog cameras were terminated to BroVisí backhaul radios. The transmitted video signals are terminated to a Decoder/ DVR unit and gets displayed in the monitor. While 3 of these locations were served by Point-Point (PP) radios and the other three were served by Point-Multipoint (PMP) radios.

Brovisí AS1000 series were deployed in this case.

  • High Quality Video Surveillance facility
  • Robust
  • Hassle-Free connectivity
  • Zero maintenance charge

Benefits for the Customer

  • Less number of units -- BroVisí TrueEXOR technology helped to provide extended coverage
  • Effective point to multipoint (P-MP) feature and dual antenna support ensured scalability without added cost
  • Specialized design for flexible outdoor mode of operations such as repeater, bridge and station
  • Rapid customization Ė easily customized to suit the application and environment
  • Overall cost effectiveness