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Hospitality WiFi - 4 Seasons

Customer: Four Seasons
Location: Mumbai, India

About the Hotel

Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, a sleek icon to the finest hospitality in India, is set in the emerging Worli district, centrally located in the city once known as Bombay. It is one of the premier business hotels in the world. Four Seasons is industry’s bench-mark in luxury features and pricing. Spacious quarters, many with views of the Arabian Sea, offer unrivaled comforts and services. Anticipate the most pressing demands of business – or pause for see-and-be-seen dining, poolside recreation or ayurveda in the spa

Rooms: Four Seasons Mumbai is a 30 storied property that offers 198 rooms which includes 101 sea facing rooms. Four Seasons also provides 4 Suites including one presidential suite.

The Challenge

The objective of the Wi-Fi network is to provide both data access and voice access. Having significant investment made in the current network, providing cost effective alternate solution was of paramount importance. The new solution has to be cost effective and should provide seamless Wi-Fi coverage to handle Voice calls through Wi-Fi phones without any call drops.

Providing integrated Wi-Fi solution and to overcome the limitations posted by the current deployed indoor access points was a major challenge. The tall structure of the property (30 Floors) was an interesting challenge to overcome.

The Wireless Solution

BroVis Wireless Networks deployed its Air Client 100 series based outdoor solution. The AC100 were deployed in a manner that Wi-Fi signals were beamed into the building from outsdie the building.

  • The objective was met by Brovis' unique ODU solutions
  • Seven AC 100 HP (Outdoor Access Point) were placed outside the building so as to beam in the signals from outside.
  • All the units were placed on a pole as shown below
  • These AC100 coverage lighted-up the entire 30 floors of the hotel like a halogen flood-light

Signals reached each and every room as desired with a SNR value of 30

Why BroVis’ Wireless for Four Seasons

  • BroVis conducted a comprehensive site survey, bearing in mind the constraints.
  • BroVis’ firm policy on not to provide overloaded solutions to customers resulted in exactly 7 systems (AC100 HP) to cover the entire hotel from outside.
  • BroVis’ entire solution provided solution for both voice and data. MSSID and VLAN tagging were used to achieve this.

Success for Four Seasons

  • The most cost effective Wi-Fi deployment ever made
  • The deployment proved to the most elegant solution to cater multiple application over single unified wireless network
  • Four seasons deployment stands tall proving Brovis’ wireless capabilities.