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Wireless VDO Surveillance - Shri Gurudatt Sugars Ltd

Customer: Shri Gurudatt Sugars Ltd
Location: Takaliwadi, KA, India

The Challenge

In rural India, communication has always been a major challenge. For this sugar factory in the rural environment, the distance between the main factory and the operating branch units have caused data communication hurdles for Shri Gurudatt Sugars and others in the rural setting. Wired data communication options were not possible because there were no players in such a remote location.

While the management was looking for options, our partner and solution provider, IT Group of Techser, suggested a wireless based solution. The manufacturing company, having no experience in wireless networking, asked for an appropriate solution and we delivered!

Customer Needs

Shri Gurudatt Sugars Ltd, a first time wireless user, needed to be convinced that wireless networking is “THE SOLUTION” for their data communication problems in the remote area where no broadband service provider had ventured. The wireless solution had to work in the rural environment engulfed by tough terrains. In addition, the sugar company wanted to use the wireless equipment for data as well as video conferencing. BroVis along with its distributor Techser, had to deliver both data and video capabilities in a short span of time as the chairman of the factory wanted to inaugurate the video conferencing capability across different units soon. BroVis joined hands with Techser and mobilized the field engineering resources. Survey was conducted and solution was provided instantly.

Six locations that are 23KM, 18KM, 8KM, 5KM and 4KM, apart from the factory, had to be connected as shown below to provide both high-speed data communications and video-conferencing capabilities.


The solution sought was simple i.e. to provide Wireless connectivity from the factory to every branch unit. The simplest method of connecting every branch unit to the factory in a Point-to-Point (P-P) manner was not cost-effective, so connecting the branch units to the main factory in a Point-to-Multipoint (P-MP) fashion and achieving rapid customization were the key to achieving cost-effectiveness as well as solution elegance.

BroVis’ AS-1000-HP base station systems were mounted on poles over the available high-raise structure for covering longer distances of 23KM and 18KM.

Two other locations, which were about 6KM and 4KM from the main building and about 120 degrees apart were connected with one unit using a dual antenna, instead of two units. The other two points were equipped with less expensive subscriber systems instead of high power base station systems.

Why BroVis was choosen?

  • Instant responsiveness to customer’s challenges
  • Flexible and customizable options
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Excellent Performance to Price ratio
  • Excellent field engineering support

Benefits for the Customer

  • Less number of units -- BroVis’ TrueEXOR technology helped to provide extended coverage
  • Effective point to multipoint (P-MP) feature and dual antenna support ensured scalability without added cost
  • Specialized design for flexible outdoor mode of operations such as repeater, bridge and station
  • Rapid customization – easily customized to suit the application and environment
  • Overall cost effectiveness