Brovis Wireless Networks
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Catering specially to your customized needs

Brovis’ Advanced Wireless Solutions suite enables broadband wireless applications for next generation high-speed Networks

BroVis Wireless Networks’ SMART Managed Solution suite consists of:

  • Broad Range of Outdoor (AC100CZ, AC150 and AC150NXP series) and specialized Indoor (AS275, AS550 and AS550NXP series) Access Products for a variety of Enterprise and Service Provider Applications
  • Advanced and Unified Management Controllers (BAAMplus-CCC), Subscriber Service Gateway (BSSG) and Network Management Systems

BroVis’ SMART Platform along with TrueEXOR™ (True Extended Outdoor Range technology) and PowerFLEX™ greatly increase the range, speed, link reliability, security and ease-of-use. Using TrueEXOR,PowerFLEX™ (Power variants on a system level basis) and a comprehensive infrastructure management platform - we cater to the demands of Internet Service Providers, Telcos, Hotspot Providers and Enterprise Campus Network Providers.

BroVis' full solution suite enables Service Providers, Enterprises, Campus Network Providers and emerging Hotspot Wireless Service Providers to provide cost-effective and reliable connectivity for

  • Campus Broadband Wireless Distribution
  • Last mile Wireless Broadband Access
  • Short Range to Long Range backhaul links
  • HotSpot wireless Distribution
  • Integrated Infrastructure Management
  • Next Generation Multimedia Wireless networks
  • Complete management using Unified Controller