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Campus Wi-Fi

Campus Wireless Networks (CWNs) is gaining popularity and have become a selling feature in the competition to attract top students. Most universities across the globe have Campus Wide Wi-Fi or have plans to rollout shortly.

Trend shows that student's enrolment into Universities and Colleges is lot more dependant on Wi-Fi implementations for intranet and internet access. Wi-Fi access provides more connectivity and turns new locations into student workspace without the cost of additional physical infrastructure.

Universities gain competitive advantage by offering Wi-Fi access to prospective students.

WiFi offers students and faculty “anywhere, anytime” broadband access and the ability to use one’s own laptop computer. Wi-Fi also allows faculty and students in their teaching and learning practices, such as accessing online documents, including audio and video files, to supplement course materials and presentations.

Availability of Wi-Fi also helps students become accustomed and proficient with increasingly mobile forms of computing and communication.

In most cases the rationale behind Campus WiFi is that Broadband would be considered as a productivity tool with WiFi being a mobility enabler.

Campus Wi-Fi Offers:

  • Ease of network access and implementation
  • Users can experience seamless WiFi roaming
  • Enables data, voice and video applications over unified WiFi network

BroVis makes it possible

  • A pair of AirStation 1000 SP (5.8GHz) with a pair of semi-parabolic antenna was all that SpectraNet needed to establish this Point-to-Point link.
  • PTP Link was established in de-licensed free band, and is reliable.

Why is this unique?

  • The link is significant considering the fact that it is in an Urban area. This 22KM link delivers 10Mbps of fully useable bandwidth.