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Wireless Video Surveillance

IP technology over Ethernet infrastructure, combined with digital video, resolved the operational and technological limitations faced in traditional analog CCTV systems. In addition, it is affordable and cost-effective for mass and customized deployments. The concept of video collection and monitoring remained the same, but it made possible the use of IP and Ethernet transport to carry excellent video quality and to be securely extended to any distance and managed from anywhere.

Wireless Video surveillanceis one of the fastest growing applications in the world forwireless security systemsand fixed wirelesstransmission equipment.

Governments, municipal public safety agenciesand evenprivate Enterprise businessesare constantly working to secure their perimeter security through the increased use of wireless transmission ofIP video surveillanceas well as traditional analog wireless video transmissionequipment. Wireless Video-Surveillance represents an innovative breakthrough for communication over Intranet and the Internet.

  • Less expensive than wired solutions
  • Can leverage existing IP networks
  • Can be used to monitor remote locations
  • Can be set up, reconfigured, expanded, or even disassembled quickly when required for special events
  • Video images can be transmitted over a secure Internet connection or private IP network at little or no cost
  • Scalable can be expanded at little cost, without having to lay wire or cable
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